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Intestinal microbiome and intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome) testing

Following the latest trends in diagnostics, we offer unique microbiome analysis and intestinal permeability testing.

What is the microbiome and why is it important?

Many research studies suggest that intestinal microbial flora and its genome („microbiome“) play a vital role in human health and patophysiology. Recent research indicates revolutionary changes in prevention and treatment of civilization and chronic diseases influenced by the state of intestinal microbial flora, i.e. microbiome. It was proved that intestinal microbiome affects our mood, appetite, obesity or the onset of allergy and intolerance.

One third of the microbiome is the same in most population, while two thirds are highly individual. In other words, the intestinal microbiome is equivalent as unique as fingerprints and it might be the cause of individual predisposition to a medical condition. The correct function of intestinal microbiome is only possible if the quality and quantity of bacteria and microbes are balanced correctly.

Unfortunately, the current lifestyle includes sugar and gluten overuse, consumption of genetically modified food, consumption of alcohol, frequent use of antibiotics and analgetics. All these adverse factors disrupt the microbial balance and cause intestinal dysbiosis.


What are the possible consequences of intestinal dysbiosis?


Why have the microbiome and intestinal permeability tested?

We in IPPM believe that healthy intestinal microbiome is a key to solving many health problems and improving the general well-being. We are the first institute in Slovakia to offer complete testing of microbiome and intestinal permeability. This test is non-invasive, it is done by testing a sample of stool. As a result, our client receives an elaborate report including a full analysis of intestinal microflora and microbiome, biochemical and immunological assessment. We also provide recommendations how to achieve optimal state for prevention and treatment of disorders caused by intestinal dysbiosis.