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Client feedback

Excellent services and very compassionate and friendly staff. Thank you very much!
Zuzana V.
I had tests done at IPPM due to suffering from digestive problems and bloating for a number of years. The results of the tests finally revealed the source of the problem. After starting the recommended treatment (probiotics and biopulse peptides) my health improved dramatically. Today, I have no more issues, on the contrary, I feel amazing. Thank you very much for your help.
Maria B.
In 2016 I was diagnosed with histamine intolerance and I began eliminating foods from my diet. After a year and a half I was only living on rice and corn. I lost 10kg and felt weak. After having food intolerance and microbiome tests done at IPPM Bratislava, I began taking the recommended probiotics and re-introducing various types of food back into my diet. It wasn't an overnight change, but I feel much better today.
Juraj S.