Peter Dezső MVDr.

Sales Manager

He graduated from the Veterinary University of Košice, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

After completing university he worked as a practical veterinarian directly in Kosice, where he gained practical experience as a veterinarian in an agricultural association.

After a short time he started working in several pharmaceutical companies in Slovakia. Where he gradually worked in several positions, such as a medical representative, product specialist, and regional sales manager. He led 8-11 medical representatives for gastroenterology, cardiology, diabetology, immunology, gynecology and CNS.

During his 16-year work experience at Solvay Pharma, ltd, a pharmaceutical company where he worked as a team leader for more than 25 medical representatives. He was responsible for preparing and fulfilling sales plans and also training subordinates.

Next was the position of a hospital specialist for HIKMA Pharmaceuticals, where he was in charge of negotiating hospital tenders for antibiotic and oncology therapy.

After that he went on to work as a Product Specialist for CNS and Neurology in ACCORD and Product Product Manager for IMUNA Pharma Inc.

This active work experience at each position provided him with plenty of experience and practical applications of acquired theoretical skills as well as knowledge of management and coaching along with the development of sales techniques and strategies.

He has completed a number of local as well as international training courses and workshops that predispose him for the work of the IPPM Sales Director in acquainting Slovak and foreign physicians with new diagnostic and therapeutic methods of IPPM, especially for the area of ​​intestinal microbioma and FMT therapy.