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Specific gene analysis

Nutritional genomics or nutrigenomics is a branch of science integrating the study of nutrition and genetics. It aimes at understanding the connection between our individual genetic code, our diet and the onset of various diseases. This valuable information previously hidden in our genes now helps us achieve optimal diet, satisfaction of our individual needs and activation of the most important disease prevention factors.

Our institute focuses on predictive „lifestyle“genomics aimed at finding ways how to slow down aging and promoting personalized civilization disease prevention using complex adjustment of lifestyle, diet or treatment. DNA testing is performed in cooperation with one of the world`s top-class laboratories. Our personalized recommendations are based on thorough examination and analysis of your current lifestyle, DNA analysis and other tests. As a result, you will receive a personal report with detailed but easily understandable information on your genetic predisposition and a set of guidelines explained to you by an experienced specialist in the field of personalized medicine.

We perform a variety of genetic tests, some of which assess the risk of civilization disease, other help you enhance your sporting performance or maintain a youthful appearance. We believe everybody can find something for himself in our offer.

Test types:

1. BASIC gene – optimal health and well-being

This test analysis the basic genes and identifies individual needs and potential risks. It also involves detection of genetic predisposition to a number of civilization diseases, as well as guidelines how to effectively prevent the diseases and further recommendations.

What is tested?

Who should take the test?

This test is intended for everyone interested in maintaining lifelong good health and vitality. The information gained from the test (together with our recommendations) will help you significantly reduce the risk of various civilization diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. You will also find out how your body reacts to caffeine and if it is reasonable for you to avoid it, if you are lactose intolerant or what amount of vitamin D you need to maintain your optimal bone density and avoid osteoporosis. 


2. FIT gene – optimal sporting performance

Physical fitness depends on a lot of factors. Your genome, i.e. particular gene polymorphisms, influence up to 80% of key physical attributes, such as musculature, strength and temper, use of energy, capacity of lungs and heart, training motivation.

What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

This test is intended for sportsmen who need to optimize their performance, clients who perform physically demanding activities or recreational sportsmen who care about their body fitness.

This test helps you identify the kind of sport best suited for you based on your individual physical predisposition. It will determine your strenghts and weaknesses in all key areas, such as muscle capacity, cardiovascular capacity, energy expenditure, performance orientation and sensitivity to injuries. Knowing these factors helps you design an efficient personalized training program to quickly achieve the desired results and minimize the risk of injury.  


3. CARDIO gene – cardiovascular disease prevention and healthy heart

Heart and veins, the main parts of the cardiovascular system, are vital for nutrients and oxygene transportation. Modern research in genetics showed that various gene polymorphisms have considerable influence on factors such as blood pressure, homocysteine metabolism, coagulation, oxidative stress, lipid metabolism and chronic infection.

CARDIO gene testing focuses on these genes. Genomic analysis examines individual predisposition to reduce potential risk of cardiovascular disease and design the health care most suited to your genetic code.

What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

This test is intended for clients of all ages who experience persistent high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides despite diet or treatment, for clients with high blood pressure or with a family history of trombosis, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. We recommend to complement the testing with examination of current fatty acid levels, PLAC test and CRP. Our services also include the detection of potential risk of cardiovascular disease and preventive measures. 


4. LIPID gene – atherosclerosis prevention

Analyses the genes affecting the lipid metabolism and increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. This analysis also involves testing of fatty acids, phospholipidase and cholesterol levels to obtain up-to-date information on overal condition and determine the options of early preventive measures. Genomic analysis is used to reduce the potential risk of cardiovascular disease and set up the health care most suited to your genetic code.

 What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

Clients of all ages who have higher predisposition to atherosclerosis or heart disease due to sedentary occupation, professional sport performance, unhealthy diet, tobacco consumption, genetic predisposition etc. This test is a great preventive measure for early detection of potential risk of ischemic disease triggered by atherosclerosis and may help prevent its onset or development by individual lifestyle adjustment.


5. DETOX gene – complex anti-aging care and aging prevention

DETOX gene test analyses specific gene groups to assess the most important factors affecting your health, such as weight control, detoxicating capacity, cardiovascular health, physical and mental resistance, dental health, skin and bone quality. Each of these factors is examined in a separate panel and all factors are assessed with regard to the current lifestyle and family history.

What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

In the genomic part we asses your widest genetic potential in connection to your current physical and mental health. Even though we are not yet able to change the genome, we can use personalized measures to optimize your genetic activity.


6. SKIN gene – aging prevention and skin health

Skin is one of the most versatile organs in our body which mediates the contact with external environment. The SKIN gene analysis enables us to slow down the aging of your skin and set up the skin care most suited to your genetic code.

What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

This genomic panels is intended for people who want to improve their skin health and slow down its aging. It helps identify the predisposition to wrinkle or cellulitis development, your detoxication capacities, oxidative stress prevention options, your capacities for infection resistance. Based on the information gained from the SKIN gene test, we can adjust your skin care according to your genetic predisposition and help you maintain youthful appearance.


7. ALOPECIA gene – androgenic alopecia prevention

Excessive hair loss usually occurs between 20 and 30 years of age, the first symptoms being hair thinning and hair loss in the parietal and temporal area. In case of androgenic alopecia, the hair loss is permanent.

Why get tested?

Prevention is the only viable solution to stop the hair loss. If the problem is detected before the hair loss becomes permanent, it is possible to slow down the hair loss and thinning and to delay the onset of baldness.

Who should take the test?

This test is intended for men and women between 20 – 30 years of age with family history of androgenic alopecia, before the onset of symptoms. The resulting nutrigenomic lifestyle and dietary recommendations contribute to androgenic alopecia prevention and help slow down and delay the onset of symptoms such as hair loss or thinning.


8. WELL-BEING gene – prevention for better health and vitality

Assessment of the most important genetic constellations affecting the health potential and its related factors, such as weight control, detoxication capacity, cardiovascular health, physical and mental condition, bone health etc. Genomic analysis helps reduce the potential risk of civilization diseases and set up the individual health care most suited to your genome.

What is analysed?

Who should take the test?

This test is intended for clients of all ages who want to maintain and improve their health and vitality. To offer a comprehensive personalized plan to the client, we combine this analysis with intestinal microbiome and permeability examination, 270 food antigenes testing and fatty acids testing. 


9. WEIGHT GEN test – body weight optimalization

Weight loss is different in each individual – it can be faster, slower or almost none. It depends on the individual dietary, exercise, sleep and regeneration needs. It is only logical that there are no universally applicable rules or recommendations. It is natural to be different and unique. To achieve desired results, it is necessary to adjust the process to the individual needs of the client.

What is the WEIGHT GEN test?

We are the only institution in Slovakia to provide the weight loss management services using a complex personalized procedure consisting of specific examination and testing that helps reveal the true source of the problem, the factors responsible for overweight or obesity.

The WEIGHT GEN program involves genetic analysis of basic genes involved in weight regulation, food intolerance testing for 22 most common types of food contributing to weight gain or water retention and body composition measurement to determine the current state of the body composition and metabolism. According to the results and client`s requirements, the collected information is used to create an optimal diet plan for faster and easier introduction of the new lifestyle leading to weight reduction or optimalization.

Who should take the test and what are its benefits?

The test is suitable for all people who want to optimalize their weight but fail to achieve their desired goal, or who need to maintain stable weight.

Weight Gen test provide unprecendented amount of vital information about the way our body works and about the factors affecting our weight which can be used to design a highly personalized weight loss program. Common weight loss systems may not be suitable for everyone, but Weight Gen grants you the unique key to achieving your optimal weight. This key consists of a diet plan designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle adjustment guidelines. This individual approach is much more effective and does not lead to yo-yo effect. 


Important note!

Predisposition to a certain disease does not necessarily mean the disease will manifest, it only suggests that you are more likely to develop the disease compared to the population average. While genes form the predispositions, the external factors (such as environment, stress, lifestyle and diet) significantly influence the onset of disease and your real susceptibility to it. It is important to bear in mind that even though the genetic predisposition cannot be changed, personalized health care may prevent the disease or reduce the risk of its onset.