Mgr. Janette Cemicka

Founder and CEO

Janette studied molecular biology and human genetics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

As a member of the Medical genetics centre at the University hospital in Bratislava, she worked at the Department of clinical biochemistry, section of hereditary metabolic diseases and gained experience in performing biochemical and genetic diagnostics and measurements used in patients with specific hereditary metabolic diseases, including selective screening and patient monitoring and clinical application of modern genetics laboratory procedures, even a unique clinical analysis method – the GC/MS analysis.

Later on, she cooperated with several pharmaceutical companies in Slovakia, for example Nestlé Slovakia, applying the most recent findings in the area of parenteral nutrition, special diet in case of dairy protein digestion disorders and intestinal infection in practice.

She is also the co-founder of the Trainings and Consulting s.r.o., a company running successful education and consultation programs in the area of marketing, sales and product promotion for pharmaceutical companies in Slovakia and abroad.


She is a member of NUGO – Nutrigenomics Organisation, European nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics association.

She runs various healthy nutrition education projects for medical and pharmaceutical professionals and public in Slovakia, gives lectures and participates in international congresses.

2012 – Educational workshop: Nutrition and food as a tool of personalized medicine, Bratislava

2015 – Annual medical professionals conference: Leaky gut syndrome, increased intestinal permeability

Continuously cooperating with the media:

STV (Slovak Television) – TV programs Dámsky magazín, Teleráno, Reflex

Magazines – Zdravie, 21.storočie, Panoráma 21.storočia, Evita, Run&Go, Pravda, Madam Ema