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Eng. Pavel Blažíček, PHD.

External specialist and consultant

He graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at STU in Bratislava. He worked as a researcher at the CHZJD Research Institute. Further as a chemist-analyst at 2.OHEO Bratislava. He worked as a biochemist at the Military Hospital at the Internal Lab Research Laboratory, as a biochemist at the Department of Clinical Laboratories of the NMO. For many years he worked as the Head of Clinical Laboratory at TopMed. He works in Alpha Medical at AM Special Methodology Laboratory.


Qualifications, research work and publications:

Attestation: Investigational methods in clinical biochemistry. 1992 Laboratory medicine 2010

External aspirant "Kinetics of enzymes synthesis and degradation of catecholamines in adrenals and in tumorous tissue" 1981-1986 diplom.č.9592


Research tasks - grants Research task described by MO-SR "Stres" LV 9301/1

Responsible investigator: Clinical biochemistry

Grant SSVT No.ŠO / 95/5305/043 (Co-investigator)

Grant SGA No. 1021/96 (co-investigator)

VEGA 95/53505/303 (co-investigator)


The research project Intercosmos VII-2-6 / 2 (responsible for investigation of adrenal function (catecholamines, synthesizing and degrading enzymes, TH, DBH, COMT, PNMT, MAO in adrenal gland)

Preparation of a book edition at the invitation of a team of authors (Klimeš, Stárka, Langer) prepared for "General Endocrinology". Together with chief physician Lángoš to become "Biochemical and Genetic, Diagnostics of Tumors of the Sympatioadrenomedullary System"

Blažíček, P., Lángoš, J. MULTILATERAL ENDOCRINAL DISORDER: the importance of genetic and biochemical diagnostics ". 88 pages

The Effect of Physical Inactivity and Aerobic Training on Occupational Damage and Antioxidant Enzymes